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As technology evolves and progresses, newer, more efficient models eventually replace machines, rendering them outdated. What should we do with old or broken machines when they lose usefulness? Proper machine disposal is crucial to avoid environmental hazards and ensure safety. Here, we can discuss and implement the best methods and practices for machine disposal for you.

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☑ What types of machines can you dispose of for free?

We can dispose of most machines for free. However, ones that contain much hazardous material may incur a surcharge, or we may be unable to cover them. Let us know when you enquire if it is something we can handle or something we could do. Still, enforcing a surcharge may be necessary in some situations to ensure hazardous material disposal aligns with regulations.

☑ What does your machine disposal service include?

We provide a FREE-of-charge service to remove any shape or size, or quantity of machinery from your premises. We can carry out this task promptly and adjust our shift pattern to minimise downtime or production loss. As we own all our equipment, this allows us to accommodate your needs and, therefore, would not require you to hire any machinery to help remove it.

☑ Type of machinery we can dispose of

Machinery could include but is not limited to, overhead cranes/gantry cranes, steel structures, large presses, small presses, rolling mills, steel racking/pallet racking, CNC machinery, metal bridge sections, and any machinery that you require disposing of.

We can also remove storage tanks of all shapes and sizes. All we require from you is the dimensions and weights and any information regarding restrictions such as height, doorways, and access to and from the property, such as the ground inside and out, as this will allow us to send the correct equipment for the job.

☑ Site visits

We can also carry out a site visit should it be needed.

☑ Machinery disposal

Disposal of your old machines could involve cutting oversized steelwork into smaller sections to allow safe removal through the factory. Silver Knight will provide the gas and cutting equipment. We will also dismantle and load onto our transport for removal.

☑ Risk management and site tidiness

We can provide a method for conducting risk assessments for all work that needs to be carried out. The site will be left clean and tidy, removing any trip hazards. We are fully insured and licensed waste carriers, and we can provide documentation upon request.

☑ Fully trained and licensed

Silver Knight's staff are all fully trained and skilled machine movers, burners and licensed waste carriers, with all insurance.

☑ How to determine the type of machine you are trying to dispose of?

The first step in proper machine disposal is determining the type of machine you need to dispose of. Machines can range from small electronic CNC machines to larger industrial machinery, and each type requires a specific disposal method. We must understand the machine we are dealing with, so as much information you can give us at the point of contact is only helpful to know how to help you and remain within any relevant environmental regulations.

☑ Machine Disposal Disassemble

As part of the service, we can look to dissemble the machine in situ and then take it away if required.

☑ How can I determine the best method for disposing of a machine?

The best method for disposing of a machine depends on the type of machine and any environmental regulations that may apply. We can review the machine and guide part of the service.

☑ What types of machines can be recycled?

We can recycle machines, such as presses, to all factory equipment.

☑ How can I ensure compliance with environmental regulations when disposing of a machine?

You can ensure compliance with regulations by letting us dispose of it for you. We will work with the legal guidance and any environmental regulations, meaning you won't have to worry about it.

☑ What should I do if the machine contains hazardous materials?

Our professional disposal service can handle hazardous materials for you if the machine contains hazardous materials. We can safely dispose of the machine and any dangerous materials, following all laws and regulations.

☑ What should I do if I need help disposing of a machine properly?

If you need help with how to dispose of a machine correctly, we can provide you with guidance on the best way and your options, then, if required, dispose of it for you.

☑ Can I dispose of a machine down the tip?

Do not dispose of a machine at your regular tip. Many machines contain hazardous materials that can be harmful if not disposed of properly.

☑ What should I do if the machine is too heavy or large to move independently?

Suppose the machine is too heavy or large to move on your own. In that case, you should hire a professional disposal service like ours as we have the necessary equipment and experience to safely carry and dispose of the machine.

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Proper machine disposal is essential for environmental and safety reasons. Determining the type of machine, and the appropriate removal method, is vital for reducing waste and conserving resources. By following these best practices, we can ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. So contact us today to see how we can help you with your disposal requirements.

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