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Heavy machinery is crucial in various industries, from construction and agriculture to manufacturing and mining. These machines are often large, complex, and expensive, making their transportation challenging.

Fortunately, specialised companies like ours in the UK excel in moving heavy machinery efficiently and safely. This article will explore some types of heavy machinery our company specialises in transporting.

Construction Equipment

Construction machinery is vital for building projects of all sizes. From excavators and bulldozers to cranes and concrete mixers, our heavy machinery movers handle and transport these essential construction tools. They ensure that the equipment reaches the construction site intact and is ready for operation.

Agricultural Machinery

The agricultural industry relies on various heavy machinery, such as tractors, combines, and ploughs. These machines are often large and cumbersome, making their transportation a specialised task.

As a result, our heavy machinery movers have the expertise and equipment necessary to move agricultural machinery safely and efficiently – ensuring minimal downtime for farmers.

Industrial Machinery

Manufacturing plants and factories use various heavy machinery, including CNC machines, stamping presses, and injection moulding equipment. Moving these machines can be challenging due to their size and weight. Specialised heavy machinery movers in the UK have the knowledge and experience to disassemble, transport, and reassemble industrial machinery with precision.

Mining Equipment

The mining industry relies on heavy machinery for excavation, transportation, and processing of minerals and ores.

As a result, mining equipment, such as draglines, haul trucks, and crushers, are massive and require specialised handling during transportation. As a result, our heavy machinery movers understand the unique challenges of moving mining equipment and have the necessary equipment and expertise to do so safely.

Energy Sector Machinery

Power plants and energy facilities use various heavy machinery, including turbines, generators, and transformers. These machines are critical to ensuring a stable supply of energy. Specialised movers in the UK are trained to transport these heavy components safely, minimising potential disruptions to power generation.

Specialised Transporters

In addition to the specific types of heavy machinery mentioned above, our machinery movers can specialise in transporting oversized and unique equipment. These specialised transporters have the necessary trailers, rigging equipment, and expertise to move huge and heavy items, such as wind turbine components, aerospace machinery, etc.

Safety Measures

With our moving heavy machinery service, we always strongly focus on safety. Consequently, our specialised movers adhere to strict safety protocols to prevent accidents and damage during transportation. We use, for instance, specialised rigging techniques, secure loads correctly, and employ skilled moving professionals who are trained in handling heavy machinery.

Customised Solutions

Every heavy machinery transport job is unique, and as one of the best movers in the UK, we understand the importance of tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

As a result, we provide customised solutions that consider factors like equipment dimensions, weight, destination, and any obstacles along the way.

Types of Machines We Can Move Overall

We specialise in moving heavy machinery and play a crucial role in ensuring essential equipment’s smooth and safe transportation across various industries.

From construction and agriculture to mining and energy, our movers have the expertise and equipment to handle a wide range of heavy machinery. Consequently, our commitment to safety and customised solutions makes us invaluable partners for businesses relying on heavy machinery for their operations.

If you require heavy machinery transportation in the UK, you can trust our specialised movers to get the job done right.

Our Services

Factory Relocation

Factory Relocation Service

We can move any type of machinery, big or small. This ability allows us to cater for all your needs for moving from one location to another. We provide all the equipment and have skilled operatives to carry out the job while safe and timely.

Find out more about our Factory Relocation Service.

Versa Lift 25/35

Forklift Moving Service

We offer a complete range of services to exporters, including UK haulage, warehousing for consolidation of contract cargo export packing, container loading, container blocking/securing, marine insurance, consular work, engineering certificates and shipping to worldwide destinations.

Find out more about our Forklift Moving Service.

Continental Moving Service

Continental Machinery Moving Service

We can offer a service abroad in any location. We have worked globally; we are 'not' just a UK company. Further, we can organise shipping, containerisation, packing service and machinery installation wherever you may be.

Please find out more about our Continental Machinery Moving Service.

Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Service

Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Service

We can transport any machinery, big or small and out of gauge. Furthermore, we can move you from your old location/premises to your new location/premises. We can also provide just transportation for your machinery if you choose. For example, if you require your machine to be collected and delivered to you, this is a service we provide.

Please learn more about our Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Services.

Equipment, and Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service

Equipment, and Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service

We offer a heavy haulage transport section. This service includes wide loads, gauges and long vehicle convoys. We provide escort vehicles as part of the service, and we can also sort the logistics of your move. So you don't have to liaise with local police authorities and government agencies on your behalf. We have a wealth of experience moving everything from small CNC machines to 150-tonne Press Crowns and more.

Please find out more about our Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service.

Moving Equipment Hire Service

Moving Equipment Hire Service

Moving Equipment Hire Service We have several Versa lifts, Including 25/35, 40,60 and 60/80, along with many other pieces of equipment. These are available for immediate hire, both on short-term and long-term contracts. Moving and relocating the most complex machinery can come with a fully qualified driver. We can also supply our machine moving equipment independently to your operators. Our fully certified machines can be delivered day or night as we are a 24-hour hire and transport service.

Please find out more about our Moving Equipment Hire Service.

Shipping Container Packing Service

Shipping Container Packing Service

We can offer a service for securely and safely loading your machinery into containers using blocks and straps. You can then ship these containers to any destination around the world. This service includes loading multiple variations of containers, including end loaders, open tops, and flat racks. We can supply photographs and full documentation where required.

Please find out more about our Shipping Container Packing Service.

Secure storage

Secure Warehousing Storage Service

We can offer a Secure Warehousing Storage Service secured by CCTV, fully alarmed, with on-site rest facilities. Our premises can come fully heated to protect your goods. Silver Knight has Goods In Trust insurance, which ensures goods up to £1 million.

Please find out more about our Secure Warehousing Storage Service.

Machine Disposal

Machine Disposal Service

As technology evolves and progresses, machines are outdated and eventually replaced by newer, more efficient models. This advancement raises the question of what to do with old or broken machines when they are no longer useful. Proper machine disposal is crucial to avoid environmental hazards and ensure safety. This disposal is where we come in as we can discuss the various methods and best practices for machine disposal with you, then take care of it as well.

Please find out more about our Machine Disposal Service.

All machines can be moved or relocated

Factory Clearance Service

Are you looking to sell your factory equipment? Contact us today, and we’ll do a site visit to give you competitive pricing for your equipment and, if happy, move it as well.

Please find out more about our Factory Clearance Service.

About Our Services

Alongside our primary handling equipment services, we also offer Machinery dismantling, lifting equipment, lifting jacks, factory clearance and complete clean up, transporting heavy plant, removal of equipment from the site, machine hire service, UK and worldwide haulage, full documentation service, provide movement orders for abnormal loads, liaison with police and road network authorities, importing and exporting of machinery, container loading, open top containers and end loaders transport, full risk assessment and method statements, complete project management, and 24-hour call out.

We offer a comprehensive door-to-door service for machine installation. There’s no job too big or too small. Our services include machinery collections, including machinery auctions, dismantling, reconstruction, project installation, machines containerised and packing service; this is global. We have international movements. We provide various services, including heavy haulage, transportation of long loads, handling out-of-gauge loads, forklift and versa hire, mega lift operations, iron fairy crane hire, machine disposal service, and short and long-term storage facilities. In addition, we offer a trailer repair and modification service. We also undertake on-site fabrication services. We carry out site visits upon request.

Safe Contractor Approved

Safe Contractor Approved