What are the 11 Benefits of Moving Heavy Equipment with Mega Lifts?

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Mega lifts benefits

Using mega lifts to move heavy equipment has numerous benefits. These specialised lifting devices handle vast and heavy loads, making them indispensable in various industries.

These beasts of lifting machinery can lift to 200 tonnes and have several main benefits.

Benefits of Mega Lifts

Mega Lifts have a large number of benefits. These include:

Reduction in costs

These machines reduce waiting times for vehicles to be unloaded, reduce the costs of hiring larger pieces of machinery, and reduce the need for additional equipment, such as loading ramps and other lifting equipment.

Speed up off loads

Moving machinery from or onto a trailer with less equipment means that the heavy equipment can be moved safely, quickly, and with health and safety considerations at the forefront.

Eliminates the need for crane hire

Anyone who has ever needed to move hefty machinery understands the downsides of deploying cranes to facilitate the move. Although efficient, These pieces of equipment require much space, in many instances, working with authorities to organise wide-load transport or road closures.

Suppose space is of concern, such as inside a factory building. This type of machinery can become even more helpful due to its size, as it can get into places other heavy-lifting machines cannot.

However, Mega Lifts come in handy as they are a lot smaller, don’t require all of the above, and can be deployed into position quickly and efficiently to achieve the same effect.

Improved safety

Mega lifts are engineered with advanced safety features to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure the secure transportation of heavy equipment. Using a mega lift can reduce the likelihood of personnel injury and equipment damage.

Environmentally friendly

Some mega lifts use electric or hybrid power sources, resulting in lower emissions and a reduced environmental footprint compared to traditional lifting methods.


Mega lifts can be customised to handle various capacities and loads, providing scalability for project requirements. The flexibility of these lifting solutions allows companies to invest in a single solution that can be adapted to multiple situations.

Precise positioning

Mega lifts enable precise positioning of heavy equipment, ensuring it is accurately placed and aligned during relocation. This precision minimises the risk of damage to the equipment and surrounding structures.


Mega lifts are used in various industries, including construction, mining, manufacturing, and shipbuilding. This versatility means they can be employed for multiple applications, making them a valuable asset for companies handling heavy equipment.

Cost savings

Mega lifts can save costs by decreasing the time and human resources required to move heavy equipment. The reduced risk of accidents and equipment damage also lowers insurance premiums and decreases repair and replacement expenses.

Enhanced efficiency

Mega lifts can streamline the process of moving heavy equipment, significantly reducing the time and labour required. Their powerful lifting capabilities allow for a quicker and more efficient relocation of heavy machinery.

High lifting weight

These behemoths of machine-moving equipment can lift up to 200 tonnes and be used on weighty equipment such as lathes and other heavy equipment.

Satisfy a large amount of health and safety requirements

Moving heavy equipment can be dangerous, and health and safety concerns must always be paramount. Consequently, using Mega Lifts can reduce the need for more complex RAMs.

This reduction could be due to not requiring road closures if other types of heavy lifting equipment were being used – such as heavy-duty cranes, and the further health and safety documentation needed around this.

What can be moved with this type of lifting equipment?

Some of the types of heavy machinery we have previously lifted with our Mega Lifts include:

  1. Anvils
  2. Forging presses
  3. Injection moulders
  4. Press crowns
  5. Large Billet
  6. Large vessels
  7. Printing ovens
  8. Rolling mills
  9. Train engines / locomotives
  10. Large bed sections
  11. Lots of other similar machines and objects


In summary, using mega lifts to move heavy equipment offers increased safety, efficiency, cost savings, versatility, precise positioning, scalability, and environmental benefits. These advantages make Mega Lifts essential for industries that regularly handle large and heavy loads.

Do you require a company to help you with moving heavy machinery?

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We are here to help where we can.

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