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As international machinery movers, we can offer a machine moving service abroad in any location. We have worked globally; we are ‘not’ just a UK company. We can organise shipping, containerisation, packing service and machinery installation wherever you may be.

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Secure and Specialist Machinery Relocation Across Europe, Asia, and the US

At Silver Knight Machineries, we have the equipment, skilled team, track record, and over 20 years of experience and expertise to offer you a very comprehensive international machinery moving service. Consequently, whether you need to ship old or new equipment, we have the skills and movers to do it national and international. We also understand the complexities and challenges involved in relocating heavy machinery across Europe and further afield.

Our dedicated team of experts combines years of industry experience with a deep understanding of European and foreign logistics and transport regulations to offer you a seamless, secure, and completely bespoke machinery moving service to move the machine from its current to a new location easily safely and effectively.

Why Choose Our International Machinery Moving Service?

As a transport company and engineering service provider with over two decades in the heavy equipment installation industry. In part thanks to our extensive experience of working with multinational groups and individuals, Silver Knight has become a trusted name in machinery moving and heavy lifting services. With a wide range of our own equipment, to pull from our skilled team is well equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle machinery of any size, weight, or complexity and any machinery relocation project of any size, or even an entire factory relocation.

Comprehensive Service

Our equipment relocation service can cover various industries, from factory removals to export packing of large industrial machines; we have flatbed transports and machinery transport equipment to move any machine.

As a result, we can offer a full-service Industrial Machinery Movers solution to our clients, from initial consultation and planning with our project manager to dismantling, machine removal, transportation, reassembly, and installation services at the new location. As a result, be it small CNC machines or manufacturing equipment to a whole plant relocation, our end-to-end service is designed to be completely stress-free, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the move.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every business, be it a one-man workshop with your printing press that needs to be moved overseas to a manufacturing facility, where downtime can affect your supply chain while your industrial equipment is being moved, is unique. That’s why we offer you custom solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of your machinery and business needs to ensure safe and efficient relocation.

Compliance and Safety

Navigating the complex web of European and foreign transport regulations can be daunting. That is why here at Silver Knight, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to compliance and safety and following best practices on every piece of equipment we move to get the job done as quickly as possible when it comes to customs clearance and international relocations.

Consequently, our team of heavy machinery movers stay up-to-date with all European transport laws and safety standards, ensuring that your machinery move meets all legal requirements as part of our transport service.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand the importance of minimising downtime for your business, be it that it is a single machinery piece that is out of action or a milling machine of a whole plant. Consequently, our flexible scheduling options are designed to ensure that both manufacturing companies (where it is being moved from and to) get the machine relocated with minimal disruption to your operations.

Our Continental Services Include

Industrial Machinery Moving

From single machines to entire factories, we have the expertise for machine relocation to accomplish it safely and efficiently around the world.

Heavy Equipment Transport

Our fleet of specialised transport vehicles can handle any factory relocation project, providing you with a reliable solution for your heavy equipment moving needs.

International Machinery Relocation

Leveraging our extensive network across Europe, we offer cross-border machinery moving services, ensuring a smooth transition no matter the destination.

Project Management

Our project managers will also ensure that every aspect of our machinery relocation service is meticulously planned, that your relocation requirements are factored in and executed from start to finish and that the correct transport needs and equipment are in place when they need to minimise your downtime especially. This can even involve us getting in touch with local authorities to organise road closures as part of the wide loads that are needed in the machinery transportation stage.

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As a result, you can see that our international machinery moving service can handle complex moves and the specific needs of your business. Be it entire plants, single machine moves, a whole or part of your manufacturing plant, or moving full production line installations with our installation solutions.

So whether you are relocating within the same country or across borders, you can trust Silver Knight's heavy machinery relocation service and our specialist lifting and equipment movers to deliver you a smooth, secure, successful and efficient move.

Contact us today to discuss our specialized equipment and machinery movement solutions and discover how we can help you achieve a seamless transition.

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Our Other Machine Moving Services

About Our Continental Machinery Movers Service & Other Moving Services

Alongside our continental machinery movers service, we also offer Machinery dismantling, lifting equipment, lifting jacks, factory clearance and complete clean up, transporting heavy plant, removal of equipment from the site, machine hire service, UK and worldwide haulage, full documentation service, provide movement orders for abnormal loads, liaison with police and road network authorities, importing and exporting of machinery, container loading, open top containers and end loaders transport, full risk assessment and method statements, complete project management, and 24-hour call out.

We offer a comprehensive door-to-door service for machine installation. There’s no job too big or too small. Our services include machinery collections, including machinery auctions, dismantling, reconstruction, project installation, machines containerised and packing service; this is global. We have international movements. We provide various services, including heavy haulage, transportation of long loads, handling out-of-gauge loads, forklift and versa hire, mega lift operations, iron fairy crane hire, machine disposal service, and short and long-term storage facilities. In addition, we offer a trailer repair and modification service. We also undertake on-site fabrication services. We carry out site visits upon request.

Safe Contractor Approved

Safe Contractor Approved