What are the 5 Benefits of Moving Heavy Equipment with Mega Lifts?

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Mega lifts When it comes to moving really heavy pieces of equipment nothing does it better than a Mega Lift. These beasts of lifting machinery can lift up to 200 tonnes and have 5 main benefits.

Benefits of Mega Lifts

Mega Lifts have a large number of benefits. These include:

Reduction in costs

Due to these machines being able to lift so much they can reduce the waiting time of vehicles needed to be unloaded, reduce the costs of hiring in larger pieces of machinery moving equipment, and reduces the overall need for further equipment such as loading ramps and other pieces of lifting equipment.

Speed up off loads

Due to the less equipment needed during the moving of machinery from or onto a trailer, it means that the heavy equipment being moved can be moved safely, and quickly while still keeping health and safety considerations at the forefront.

Eliminates the need for crane hire

Anyone who has ever needed to move really heavy machinery before understands the downsides of needing to deploy cranes to facilitate the move. These pieces of equipment, although efficient, require a lot of space, in a lot of instances, working with authorities to organise wide load transport, or road closures. If space is of concern such as inside a factory building, then this type of machinery can become even more useful due to their size as it can get into places other heavy lifting machines are not able to. However, Mega Lifts come in handy as they are a lot smaller, don’t require all of the above, and can be deployed into position quickly and easily to achieve the same effect.

High lifting weight

As these behemoths of machine moving equipment can lift up to 200 tonnes, they can be used on very heavy pieces of equipment such as lathes, and other pieces of heavy equipment. Satisfy a large amount of health and safety requirements Moving heavy equipment can be dangerous and health and safety concerns always need to be paramount. Consequently, using Mega Lifts can reduce the need for more complex RAMs needed. This can be due to not requiring road closures if other types of heavy lifting equipment where being used – such as heavy duty cranes, and the further health and safety documentation required around this. What can be moved with this type of lifting equipment? Some of the types of heavy machinery we have previously lifted with our Mega Lifts include:
  1. Anvils
  2. Forging presses
  3. Injection moulders
  4. Press crowns
  5. Large Billit
  6. Large vessels
  7. Printing ovens
  8. Rolling mills
  9. Train engines / locomotives
  10. Large bed sections
  11. Lots of other similar machines and objects

Do you require a company to help you with moving heavy machinery?

If you require a company to help you in moving heavy equipment, who understand all of the above and more, why not get in touch with our specialised operators to discuss your requirements? We are here to help where we can.

Our Services

Factory Relocation

Factory Relocation Service

We are able to move any type of machinery, big or small we will cater to all your needs for moving from location to another. We provide all the equipment ourselves and have a skilled number of operatives to carry out the job in a safe and timely manner.

Find out more about our Factory Relocation Service.

Versa Lift 25/35

Forklift Moving Service

We offer a complete range of services to exporters including UK haulage, warehousing for consolidation of contract cargo export packing, container loading, container blocking/securing, marine insurance, consular work, engineering certificates and shipping to worldwide destinations.

Find out more about our Forklift Moving Service.

Continental Moving Service

Continental Machinery Moving Service

We can offer a service abroad in any location. We have worked around the globe we are 'not' just a UK company. We can organise shipping, containerisation, packing service and installation of machinery wherever you may be.

Find out more about our Continental Machinery Moving Service.

Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Service

Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Service

We can provide the transportation of any machinery, big or small and out of gauge. We can basically move you from your old location/premises and move you to your new location/premises. We can also provide just transportation for your machinery if you chose. For example, if you require your machine to be collected and delivered with no intervention this is also a service we provide.

Find out more about our Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Service.

Equipment, and Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service

Equipment, and Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service

We offer a heavy haulage transport section. This includes wide loads, out of gauge and long vehicle convoys. We provide escort vehicles as part of the service, and we can also sort the logistics of your move so you don't have to and this includes liaising with local police authorities where possible and government agencies on your behalf. We have a wealth of experience with successfully moving everything from small CNC machines to 150 tonne Press Crowns and everything in between.

Find out more about our Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service.

Moving Equipment Hire Service

Moving Equipment Hire Service

We have a number of Versa lifts, Including a 25/35, 40,60 and 60/80 along with many other pieces of equipment available for immediate hire both on short term and long term contracts. These can come with a fully qualified driver which removes the stress from yourselves when moving and relocating the most of difficult of machinery or can be supplied on their own for your operators to operate. Our machines are fully certified, and we can deliver day or night as we are a 24-hour hire and transport service.

Find out more about our Moving Equipment Hire Service.

Shipping Container Packing Service

Shipping Container Packing Service

We can offer a service on securely and safely loading your machinery into containers using blocks and straps, that you require moving to any destination around the world. This includes loading multiple variations of containers including end loaders, open tops, flat racks. Photographs and full documentation provided.

Find out more about our Shipping Container Packing Service.

Secure storage

Secure Warehousing Storage Service

We can offer a Secure Warehousing Storage Service which is secured by CCTV, fully alarmed, with on-site rest facilities. Our premises can come fully heated to provide protection for your goods. Silver Knight has Goods In Trust insurance, which ensures goods up to £1 million.

Find out more about our Secure Warehousing Storage Service.

About Our Services

Alongside our main handling equipment services we also offer: Machinery dismantling, lifting equipment, lifting jacks, factory clearance and full clean up, transporting heavy plant, removal of equipment from site, machine hire service, UK and worldwide haulage, full documentation service, provide movement orders for abnormal loads, liaison with police and road network authorities, importing and exporting of machinery, container loading, open top containers and end loaders transport, full risk assessment and method statements, full project management, and 24 hour call out.

We offer a total door to door service of machine installation. There’s no job too big or too small. Our services include machinery collections, including machinery auctions, dismantling, reconstruction, project installation, machines containerised and packing service, this is global. We have international movements. Heavy haulage, long loads, out of gauge loads, forklift hire, versa hire, mega lift, iron fairy crane hire, machine disposal service and storage facilities; short and long term. In addition, we offer a trailer repair and modification service. On-site fabrication is also undertaken. Sites are also carried out upon request.

Safe Contractor Approved

Safe Contractor Approved