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11 Versa Lift Benefits Versa Lifts are highly specialised and versatile forklifts that move heavy machinery and equipment. Consequently, Versa Lift benefits you by offering many solutions to many problems regarding moving machinery. These make them an invaluable tool for machine moving.

What are Versa Lifts?

Versa Lifts have been designed and manufactured, especially for safely moving heavy equipment and machinery. This type of moving equipment is a specialised forklift whereby the machine’s frame extends. This extension is done to give you greater lifting capacity.

What are the main Versa Lift benefits?

The main Versa Lift benefits are that these machine movers are ideal for:
  1. Moving machinery in tight spaces
  2. Heavy lifting duties – such as moving shipping containers
  3. Moving small machines
  4. As heavy-duty forklifts
  5. Come with Forklift Boom attachments – for full lifts at height
  6. Have a Direct lift mast – which allows lifting without chains
  7. Removeable counterweights – to spread the lifting weight and to prevent tipping
  8. Extendable frame – to increase lifting capacity
  9. Have a 2-power transmission – to give the power needed to lift heavy equipment
  10. Are only 1.8 metres wide
  11. Compact design
  12. High weight capacity
  13. Extendable counterweight system
  14. Precision maneuverability
  15. Versatility
  16. Good safety features
  17. Reduced downtime
  18. Cost effective
  19. Many more similar applications and uses

Compact design

Versa Lifts are designed with a small footprint, making them ideal for navigating tight spaces in factories or warehouses. This compactness allows them to easily access and move heavy machinery, even in areas with limited space.

High weight capacity

Versa Lifts can handle heavy loads ranging from 25,000 to 120,000 pounds, depending on the model. This high weight capacity enables them to move various types of heavy machinery and equipment, from CNC machines to industrial generators.

Extendable counterweight system

One of the unique features of Versa Lifts is their extendable counterweight system, which provides additional stability for moving heavy loads. By adjusting the counterweight, operators can balance the load and minimise the risk of accidents.

Precision maneuverability

Versa Lifts have hydrostatic drives, enabling precise and smooth movement control. This smooth movement control makes it easier for operators to position machinery accurately, reducing the risk of damage during transportation.


Versa Lifts are designed to accommodate various attachments and accessories, such as boom extensions, rigging gear, and gantries. This versatility enables them to perform multiple tasks, like lifting, hoisting, and relocating heavy machinery.

Safety features

Versa Lifts have various safety features, such as an operator presence system, emergency stop buttons, and load-sensing technology. These safety measures ensure that the equipment is used safely and efficiently, minimising the risk of accidents.

Reduced downtime

Since Versa Lifts can efficiently move heavy machinery, they help to minimise downtime during relocation or reconfiguration. This reduction in downtime is significant in manufacturing and industrial environments, where downtime can result in important production and revenue losses.

Cost-effective solution

Companies can save money on traditional methods’ labour and equipment costs by using Versa Lifts for machine moving. Additionally, their efficiency and precision can minimise the risk of damage to machinery, reducing repair and replacement expenses.

Versa Lifts we use & can supply

We stock 2 main types of Versa Lifts that we use on machinery relocations or can supply on a hire basis if required. These are the following:

Versa Lift 25/35

Our Versa 25/35 is a 16-ton lift, usually used for lifting small CNC machines and is ideal for when space is at a premium. This lifting machine is ideal for lifting loads in tight quarters, and our 25/35 Model can handle loads of 24,000 pounds with the base retracted – or up to 34,500 pounds with the floor extended. As a result, this machine is ideal for getting into congested areas that other machines can’t reach. Our staff are qualified to operate this moving equipment.

Features of the Versa Lift 25/35

Chassis24,000 lbs
Removable Counterweight6,000 lbs
Boom3,000 lbs
Forks1,500 lbs
Total Gross34,500 lbs

Versa Lift 40/60 Hire

Our Versa 40/60 is a 30-tonne lift, which is used, for example, for removing large presses, picking up loaded shipping containers, lying presses over, and large CNC machines. As a result, this machinery can lift 40,000 pounds with the base retracted – or up to 60,000 pounds with the base extended. Built with manoeuvrability, power, and ease of use in mind, the 40/60 is our heavy-duty forklift. Our staff are qualified to operate this moving equipment.

Features of the Versa Lift 40/60

Chassis33,000 lbs
Removable Counterweight16,000 lbs
Boom6,000 lbs
Forks3,000 lbs
Total Gross58,000 lbs

Environmentally friendly equipment

Both our variations of Versa Lifts are both powered by LPG gas. This change in fuel type makes them both environmentally friendly and means standard exhaust gases aren’t used in confined environments such as factories and warehouses, which must stay clean and sterile.

Types of Equipment we have moved with our Versa Lifts

We have moved thousands of pieces of machinery and heavy equipment over the years using machines of this type. A small sample of those are:
  1. CNC
  2. Power Press
  3. Forging Press
  4. Anvils
  5. Horizontal borers
  6. Vertical borers
  7. Overhead cranes
  8. Rolling mills
  9. Slitting mills
  10. Pyramid Rolls

Do you need Versa Lift Hire?

Suppose you require a company to help you move heavy equipment. Who understands how to use the above Versa Lift Forklifts and more, or do you need to hire this equipment from us?
Why not get in touch with our specialised operators to discuss your requirements?

What is a Versa Lift?

A Versa Lift is a type of heavy-duty lift often used in industrial settings for transporting large, heavy items between floors in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other similar environments.

How much weight can a Versa Lift handle?

The weight capacity of Versa Lifts varies by model, but they typically range from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds. It’s essential to check the specific model for its exact capacity.

What are the key features of a Versa Lift?

Key features include a robust lifting mechanism, remote-controlled operation, safety locks, and adjustable lift heights. Some models may also have customisable platform sizes.

Is the Versa Lift easy to install?

Installation complexity can vary. Some models are designed for easy installation with minimal structural changes needed. In contrast, others might require professional installation, especially for integration into existing structures.

Can Versa Lifts be used in residential settings?

Yes, Versa Lift models are designed for residential use, often used to move items into attics or basements.

Are there safety features built into Versa Lifts?

Safety features may include automatic stop mechanisms, secure locking systems, and overload alerts. Always refer to the specific model’s safety features.

How much space is needed to install a Versa Lift?

The required space depends on the model. It’s essential to consider both the footprint of the lift and the vertical space needed for operation.

Can Versa Lifts be customised?

Many models offer customisation options such as different platform sizes, lift heights, and control systems to suit specific needs.

Versa lift benefits Overall

In summary, Versa Lifts offer numerous benefits for machine moving, including compact design, high weight capacity, extendable counterweight system, precision manoeuvrability, versatility, safety features, reduced downtime, and cost-effectiveness. These factors make them an essential tool for companies moving heavy machinery and equipment. You can learn more about lifting machines at this Wikipedia page.

Do you require a company to help you move your machinery?

If you need a company to help you move your machines that understand the above, why not contact our specialised operators to discuss your requirements? We are here to help where we can.

Our Services

Factory Relocation

Factory Relocation Service

We can move any type of machinery, big or small. This also us to cater for all your needs for moving from one location to another. We provide all the equipment and have skilled operatives to carry out the job while safe and timely.

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Versa Lift 25/35

Forklift Moving Service

We offer a complete range of services to exporters, including UK haulage, warehousing for consolidation of contract cargo export packing, container loading, container blocking/securing, marine insurance, consular work, engineering certificates and shipping to worldwide destinations.

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Continental Moving Service

Continental Machinery Moving Service

We can offer a service abroad in any location. We have worked around the globe. We are 'not' just a UK company. Further, we can organise shipping, containerisation, packing service and machinery installation wherever you may be.

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Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Service

Machinery Haulage, Relocation, Transport & Moving Service

We can transport any machinery, big or small and out of gauge. Furthermore, we can move you from your old location/premises to your new location/premises. We can also provide just transportation for your machinery if you choose. For example, if you require your machine to be collected and delivered to you, this is a service we provide.

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Equipment, and Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service

Equipment, and Heavy Equipment Moving & Haulage Service

We offer a heavy haulage transport section. This includes wide loads, gauges and long vehicle convoys. We provide escort vehicles as part of the service, and we can also sort the logistics of your move. So you don't have to liaise with local police authorities and government agencies on your behalf. We have a wealth of experience moving everything from small CNC machines to 150-tonne Press Crowns and more.

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Moving Equipment Hire Service

Moving Equipment Hire Service

Moving Equipment Hire Service We have several Versa lifts, Including 25/35, 40,60 and 60/80, along with many other pieces of equipment. These are available for immediate hire, both on short-term and long-term contracts. Moving and relocating the most complex machinery can come with a fully qualified driver. Alternatively, they can be supplied independently for your operators to operate. Our fully certified machines can be delivered day or night as we are a 24-hour hire and transport service.

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Shipping Container Packing Service

Shipping Container Packing Service

We can offer a service for securely and safely loading your machinery into containers using blocks and straps. You can then ship these containers to any destination around the world. This includes loading multiple variations of containers, including end loaders, open tops, and flat racks. Photographs and full documentation were provided.

Please find out more about our Shipping Container Packing Service.

Secure storage

Secure Warehousing Storage Service

We can offer a Secure Warehousing Storage Service secured by CCTV, fully alarmed, with on-site rest facilities. Our premises can come fully heated to provide protection for your goods. Silver Knight has Goods In Trust insurance, which ensures goods up to £1 million.

Please find out more about our Secure Warehousing Storage Service.

Machine Disposal

Machine Disposal Service

As technology evolves and progresses, machines become outdated and are eventually replaced by newer, more efficient models. This raises the question of what to do with old or broken machines when they are no longer useful. Proper machine disposal is crucial to avoid environmental hazards and ensure safety. This is where we come in as we can discuss the various methods and best practices for machine disposal with you, then take care of it as well.

Please find out more about our Machine Disposal Service.

All machines can be moved or relocated

Factory Clearance Service

Are you looking to sell your factory equipment? Contact us today, and we’ll do a site visit to give you competitive pricing for your equipment and, if happy, move it as well.

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Alongside our primary handling equipment services, we also offer Machinery dismantling, lifting equipment, lifting jacks, factory clearance and complete clean up, transporting heavy plant, removal of equipment from the site, machine hire service, UK and worldwide haulage, full documentation service, provide movement orders for abnormal loads, liaison with police and road network authorities, importing and exporting of machinery, container loading, open top containers and end loaders transport, full risk assessment and method statements, complete project management, and 24-hour call out.

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Safe Contractor Approved